Back Office:


Back Office's work-in-progress reports allow you to review your work prior to creating bills. View unbilled and billed entries in detail or summary as well as work-in-progress aging.
Work-in-progress reports can be created using a variety of filters such as client, lawyer, area of law, date last active, date of last bill, and minimum amount.
Editing work-in-progress is extremely flexible because you can make changes to time and expense entries prior to billing or at the time of billing.


Using Disbursement Entry you can manually enter disbursements or expenses for a single client or multiple clients. Alpha or numeric user-defined codes can be used to speed up entry and pre-defined fixed or unit rates can be set up for specific expense types. If you're entering large volumes of expenses you can use the keyboard only, which speeds up data entry.

Back Office's Cost Recovery Interface allows you to import large volumes of client disbursements or expenses captured by third party devices. Imported disbursements are posted directly to the client ledger. Maximize captured client costs such as photocopies, laser printing, and fax charges while reducing data entry costs and related errors.


Other Features

Back Office fully integrates with Amicus Attorney.


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